Mumbai. India's film, fashion and style capital.

If you visit Mumbai for just a few days, you won't be able to see all of the huge and diverse city. First of all it is packed, second busy, third colourful, fourth rich in contrast, fifth tropical hot and sixth too big to explore it without a local guide. Either or - you will meet a lot of friendly people, but unfortunately also a lot of poor ones and sad, big childrens' eyes will make you think ...

I was lucky and had a local with me and, furthermore, I had the Wallpaper guide in my pocket and once again realized that our tastes always match. So here's my recommendation number one - go and visit Bandra, Mumbia's "Williamsburg", where Bollywood stars hang out, directors, writers, fashion people and other creatives seek for their new domicile in a bohemian neighbourhood offering a lot of nice restaurants, cafés and shops. One jewel, "Pali Village Café", will be presented in the upcoming post.
And an interesting thing is for sure Mubai's architecture, which is quite a rough mix of old colonial buildings (that the Indians like by the way, they still feel very connected with the british) and colourfully painted charming older buildings that suffer from the humidity, but profit from the lovely tropical vegetation.


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