Stone Town. Shopping Impressions.

Shopping in Stone Town, Zanzibar, is a lot about drifting and browsing around. The streets are mostly narrow and you will find little stores lined-up shoulder to shoulder and nice markets (bargaining is common and welcome by the way), where you can buy handcrafted souvenirs, locally made jewellery, antique books or exotic spices from the island such as vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and many more. The main areas are Shangani, Kenyatta Road, Gizenga Street and smaller streets in between... Although you might feel lost from time to time, be sure in fact you won't get lost as Stone Town is enclosed by the sea on the one and the main road, Creek Road, on the other side that will always mark the boarders. 

The Gallery Bookshop offers a well selection of current but also antique books. Furthermore you will find fashion boutiques and little stores selling home accessories.

MAGO boutique sells local labels and some lovely dresses inspired by the Massai culture...

Further tipps by the local mambo magazine you will find here.


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