Thailand. A culinary visit to South East Asia.

Since more than 25 years already, the restaurant "Thailand" in Luxembourg's beautiful Belair district (72, Avenue Gaston Diderich) is one of the city's most traditional Thai restaurants. Asian umbrellas adorn the ceiling, pretty plates with characteristic local patterns set the colorful food in scene and if the service was as lovely as the interior "Thailand" would have the potential to become a favorite spot for everybody, also international guests...
The menu offers a range of choices such as simple Pad Thai or common Curry dishes as well as more sophisticated ones including different types of seafood and meat. Vegetarians can choose between Soja dishes and pure Vegetable plates or exotic soups and salads.

Kung Pal: Spicy marinated scampi with lemongrass rice and little vegetables flavored with coriander on the side

Reservations are highly recommended, the restaurant is quite busy - especially during the weekend. Opening hours seem to be quite limited, but more or less typical for Luxembourg (dinner: 7 - 10:30 p.m. / lunch: 12 - 3 p.m.).

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