Cinématèque. A Museum Movie Theatre.

Classics count in this historical institution that hosts a museum and a movie theatre under a single roof. The "Cinématèque" in Luxembourg City is member of the international film federation "Fédération internationals des Archives du Film (FIAF)" since 1983 and passionate cineasts will find a whole bunch of interesting offers ranging from original film posters, cinematographs of the past decades, round table discussions, film festivals as well as an ongoing cinema program. Classics like James Bond Movies such as "From Russia with Love", Woodie Allen smash-hits like "Match Point" or evergreens à la "To Catch a Thief" with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are shown in original language (mostly English or French) with subtitles. Tickets start from 2,40€ only. And in summer Cinématèque is also organizing several open air events in the city center or in the suburbs - for free! 

The current program you will find here.


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