Just another café love in Luxembourg: AM 14.

Beside my current favorite café in Luxembourg at Mudam this one has the potential to be my second love. Located at the City's History Museum, the AM 14 - Am Véierzéng - is a pretty café that has at least two convincing features: the interior being a mix of vintage furniture and modern art plus a lovely terrace with a winning view. Especially on sunny days from spring to fall it's the perfect place for a little break during a shopping or a sightseeing tour and, of course, a museum visit. Beside coffee and tea, the menu offers organic lemonade, homemade snacks and pastries as well as a nice local crémant.

Address: 14, Rue du St. Esprit @ Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg


Jormason hat gesagt…
Looks very nice. I think I have to go and see Luxembourg for myself...wait, wasn't there something about Burger too in your blog? :)
Jazz hat gesagt…

Hello, hello ;-) Yes, and there is more to come. Luxembourg is really worth a visit and the food is one of the best things here indeed.

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