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Pretty Puglia. A very new Italian Experience.

We all know the Italy everybody loves: Liguria with coast cities like Alassio, Genoa, Portofino and the incredible Cinque Terre. Major cities like Milan (not to forget the beautiful lakes further north like Lago di Como and Lago d'Iseo), Florence (and of course the Tuscan countryside), Rome and Naples. Islands like Sardinia, Capri, Sicily, then the super romantic Amalfi Coast. I could continue and continue. But most of us don't usually travel to the very South Eastern end, to the region of Puglia. With the biggest city Bari in the north, there are many further places that are so worth to see. It's a "new" Italy with a long history, a different charm and personality, very friendly people and great food (although that's something you truly find anywhere in this beautiful country...). A town located some few kilometers away from the Adriatic Coast, once founded by the Messapians, rebuild by the Greek, once very rich, today still picturesque,

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