Best Burgers in Town: Homemade Fast Food in Luxembourg.

As a general rule homemade burgers and french fries are always better than the ones you get at the big chains. And that's why you should always know where you get the best ones in the city that you are visiting. Here are at least two of the best ones in the city of Luxembourg.

Yo! Home to Belair! This chic, almost posh district hosts a laid-back café: Café Belair (99, Val Sainte Croix). Homemade burgers and fries are the specialities, but you always get different salads and deserts. The New York Burger is one of the guest's favorite. It special feature: a fried egg and roasted onions on top of the beef and the cheddar (16,80€). But the others do sound not too bad either:"Frenchy" with Roquefort or "Lagavulin". On sunny and warm days the terrace offers the nicest seats, but also inside you will enjoy your time for sure. Reservations are recommended although you will quite easily find a table after 9:30 p.m..

Mama is the best and probably most experienced cook, ok, but in this young and fresh restaurant you will leave the table satisfied as well - promised! Mama loves you (42-44, Rue de Hollerich) has at least two specialities on its menu: Homemade Burgers and wood-fired Pizza. Rustic yet cool are the dishes presented. And for lovers of the French cuisine the chef does have a very nice tartar on offer as well. Mama's (Beef) Burger is a classic (15,90€), but the Veggie Burger also notable. People are most friendly and you usually get a table, likely also without reservation.


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